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Michelle Ishihara

Born in Sacramento, California

Lives & works in Raleigh, North Carolina


   Michelle has held a solid following for large scale murals and decorative wall finishes as the owner of Art by Michelle in Raleigh, North Carolina  for 24


_ years.  The journey in developing her painting professionally and practicing the healing art of guided visual meditation, provided the transition over time into fine art. 

   The common element of  her artistic endeavors reflects Michelle’s interest in the healing benefits of the arts—of creative expression, beauty, deep inner listening and the way creative life energy moves through and inspires us. When we allow ourselves to be present to the transformation of color and design in our lives, found in beautiful art work, the return is a peaceful quality in life. 

    She identifies visually in every way…“Life for me is not measured in minutes and weighed in ounces. Numbers mean nothing. When I look at a chair, the color becomes a recipe of pigments, the lighting an aesthetic of shadow and light, the angle is a dimension of interest. This isn't a mode or a state of mind. This is my life: the constant breaking down of visual composition. The moment that I realized I cannot turn it off was the moment I understood God's intentions for me. I am an artist and there resides my spirit and the Divine conduit to understanding all things for myself.” 

   As a painter, Michelle is largely self taught. After being encouraged by a wise art teacher in high school to believe in her natural talent and a lifetime of art classes, she embraced the journey of learning from countless hours studying paintings in galleries, museums,  and books, along with watching light, movement and hours of solitude at the easel. Michelle paints mainly in acrylics and occasionally pastels. Her focus is primarily landscapes, cloudscapes and to simplify form while evoking a feeling and sense of energy with the interplay of light and color. Her paintings are held in private collections in the United States.






Independent Study

1998 -2020

Owner and Professional Artist- 

  Art by Michelle

                                                      Grants & Awards 

2000 - Excellence in Gold           Raleigh NC HBA

2002-2005- Excellence in Gold        Raleigh NC HBA

Best in Show Award 2010-            Original painting- "Early Harvest" at NC Chapter Cystic Fybrosous Auction


Exhibitions & Festivals

2000- Laze Days Festival, Cary NC

2004 - Permanent Installation of "Acro" Fossilized Art Panel.

NC Museum of Life and Science-

2009 - Ribbon Cutting of Chef's Pallette and installation of original painting of "Blue Waterfall"

2020-  Establishment of-

         Orchard Knoll Art Shed-



2002 - Southern Living- "Faux Artists of the SouthEast"


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