Smoky Denim Lusterstone

Dining room tray ceiling with a multi-layered Lusterstone finish in Denim, Silver & Gold with a subtle Modello Lace pattern in muted cranberry and gold paint.Frame trim is painted metallic gold

Hindu Temple Gilded Coffer

The coffer ceiling has a blue Lusterstone finish rendered within ceiling squares. The coffer trim then had a rolling lotus vine gold leafed throughout the ceiling grid.

HinduL Temple Gilding 2

Detail of gold leafed coffer ceiling in relation to Blue Lusterstone wallfinish

Vajiha Dining Room Modello

Multi-layered Gold Lusterstone ceiling finish with gold leafed Florentine Scroll Modello in private NC residence

Hasentree Ornamental Modello

Large dining room tray ceiling had beautiful multi-layered smoky, silver teal Lusterstone ceiling finish rendered. A large 11' x 8' Florentine scroll Modello was silver-leafed surrounding chandelier center.

Hasentree Silver Modello Ceiling

Alternative view of Hasentree Modello Tray Ceiling

Blue Lusterstone Tray Ceiling

Multi-layered silver and blue Lusterstone finish rendered in master bedroom tray ceiling.

Sky Coffer

Multi-layered gold and teal Lusterstone ceiling finish in coffer ceiling of formal dining room

Myers Powder Room

Multi-layered Mandarin Red Lusterstone rendered on walls and ceiling of powder room.

Spa Lobby Sky Ginkgo

The lobby of a NC Spa center tray ceiling, with light, was designed as a feature to the space with clouds and flying gingko leaves.

Doves in Flight

Round tray ceiling of vaulted foyer had clouds rendered with a pair of flying white doves over head. Overall tray size was a 8ft circle

Chapel Hill Dome 2

Close up detail of Chapel Hill NC dome of breakfast nook. Designed to compliment the abundance of real trees outside the space, seen through the windows.

Chapel Hill Dome

Old vintage bell dome with incandescent bulbs encircling edge of dome, illuminates a beautiful, softened full color tree canopy, designed to compliment the abundance of real trees outside the space, seen through the windows.

Caitlyn's Bedroom

Silver stars were hand painted throughout the bedroom suite of rooms in private NC residence.

Sunset Dome

Sunset clouds rendered in bedroom shallow dome ceiling

Barfield Modello Ceiling

Multi-layered gold and copper Lusterstone ceiling finish adorned with gold leafed florentine scroll Modello above chandelier

Myers Bath

Copper and Gold multi-layered Lusterstone on ceiling and walls of powder room

Hasentree Master Modello

Large scale, 22'x14' tray ceiling at 18ft, had multilayered silver teal Lusterstone finish created. The 48" diameter Modello was silver leafed to compliment the huge 48" diameter chandelier

Hasentree Masterbath Ceiling

Two tiered Tray ceiling Lusterstone finish

Mayfair Foyer Ceiling Finish

The entry foyer ceiling has multilayered golden Lusterstone finish rendered to compliment textured plaster wall finish. Plaster medallion was painted with finish to coordinate with chandelier finish

Mayfair Foyer

Alternate view of foyer ceiling and wall effects

Faux "Old Timber Beam"

Load bearing drywalled ceiling beams were transformed into old reclaimed timber beams. This view is the end of beam as wall vaults into family room.

Sacred Hindu Puja

Complete design of puja esthetics for private sacred space. Execution of multiple gold leafed custom motifs, border designs and ceiling mandala

Gleaming Ceiling Mandala

Gold leafed 44" round "Prosperity" mandala coordinated with custom lotus chandelier.