"Old English" Landscape

Full scale antiquated broody English pastural landscape mural rendered in master suite tub surround. Matched to the style of antique English artwork throughout the house.

Subtle Tropics

Tropical flora rendered in soft tones of green in master suite tub surround.

Hidden Oasis

Full wall of smoky, life size tropical flora rendered in staircase landing of private residence.

Blue Water

8ft. H X 5ft.W- Full wall mural of waterfall in restaurant


Full scale 8'H X 8'W mural in office lobby

Hindu Temple Mural

Full color illustrative mural rendered as background scenery to sacred space of Hindu temple in NC

Lake Wildflowers

Full scale, full color Wildflower meadow rendered in private residence in NC

Morning Shadow

Garden Pathway mural in private residence- 8'H x 6'W

Red Cardinal

Blue Ridge foothills mural rendered in Private mountain home.

Near Harvest

Tuscany vineyard mural rendered in private residence wine cellar in full color and realism- 10'x8'

Hidden Treasure

Full color mural rendered on ground floor wall of staircase

Camilla's Restaurant

20' W X 7'H- Full arch mural in main dining room. Lantern is a real light to light the doorway realistically.

Italian Villa

Full color arched vignette mural rendered in Bath & Kitchen Showroom

Molter Falls

Grisaille mural rendered within the curved staircase wall of private residence

Country Roads

Foyer Grisaille mural of soft tone on tone color of Pastural landscape in private NC residence

Mountain Stream

This arched mantle wall was an empty space. A Grisaille mural of the gentle sloping creek and waterfall was designed with the 22' height of the room in mind.


Simple mural of tone on tone tree shadows rendered on second floor vaulted wall above ledge in private NC residence.

Four Goddesses

The full color 8'X4' mural panel, depicts the passage of the 4 stages of womanhood from Virgin Maiden, Womanhood, Ripe Motherhood to Wise Crone. Rendered for a Houston Texas Midwifery Center

Four Goddeses

Close up of Wise Crone

Evan's Room

Large full color "Tag" Graffiti, 8'Lx4'H, on wall of young high school boy.

Evan's "Lockers"

Trompe l'oeil lockers rendered on adjacent wall of Evan's room. Each painted locker has a real combination lock installed to add realism. Note the electric socket...

Sunset Color

Large scale, full color abstract sunset mural installed at 22ft in restaurant dining room. Overall size is 24ft L x 12ft H. The glowing white circle is a flush-mounted fluorescent circle light to simulate the sun.

Fletcher's Whale

Nautical colors with whale theme in baby's nursery. Whale is separate distressed painted wooden whale.

Narnia Reading Corner

Winter scene reminiscent of Narnia is rendered in a children's playroom to create inspiring reading corner. "Street lamp" incorporated into mural is an actual lantern that creates an ethereal effect in the room when the only light.

Sawyer's Indian Theme Mural

The mural was rendered to coordinate with the overall Native American theme throughout the room of 2009 Dream Showcase house

Happy Freedom

Mural of "Shaggy Dog" jumping through faux opening rendered on Veterinary office exterior wall near entry.

Jungle Tent Ceiling Mural

The turreted ceiling of child's bedroom was painted to appear as though canvas tent flaps have flopped open to reveal mother giraffe and her baby peering in overhead at 12ft.

Gardinias in Wheelbarrow

Garden theme mural rendered in girl's bedroom

Three Fairies

Fairys, highlighted in gold, rendered flying on wall finished walls throughout little girl's bedroom

Avery's Castle

Fairy Tale Theme Playroom

Maggie's Castle

Fairy Tale theme rendered in little girl's playroom.


       Grisaille Waterfall -2017

   Grisaille Pastural Landscape-2017